Different Types of Air Conditioning Units

Different Types of Air Conditioning

Different Types of Air Conditioning

There are many different kinds of Tamarac air conditioning units. Each unit has its own benefits and downfalls; however, all are viable and helpful.

·         Mini-Split Air Conditioner contains the main parts such as a compressor, expansion valve and condenser. The split air conditioner unit is made up of two parts; one inside the house and another one outside the house. The one outside the home is the condenser unit and is equipped with refrigerant and electrical lines that go into the home to connect to the other unit. This is considered a permanent fixture. These air conditioning units are very effective because they just supply air to the rooms they are located in, which can save money as well as energy.  
·         Package Air Conditioner is used to cool big spaces. These air conditioners run smoother and quieter than any other unit of their size. It is also an environmentally friendly air conditioner and costs reasonably less for its size and effectiveness. This type of air conditioner is self-contained and contains all the equipment needed to generate cool air and distribute it. These units can be mounted on rooftops or sides or homes. This is usually used in distribution in more than one room.
·         Central Air Conditioner is uses an indoor air handler unit also known as AHU. An AHU draws air through the return ducts.  Then it cools the air and passes the air into the evaporator coils. The cold air is the brought back into the home through the ducts. This system air conditioner is used for larger building and homes.

Each unit has its own purposes and benefit. Depending on your situation and need for air conditioning is what determines what type of unit you might need.

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